website design, electronic & social media

Our clients rely on us to sort through the dizzying array of electronic media options to best accomplish their goals. We can set up content-based sites that let you add and update, expand and control. We can integrate URLs, apps, tags, and feeds. We can set up a solid e-foundation, and then make you mobile. Because communications are our business, Good Design builds experience with new media on a faster and broader scale than most organizations can do alone.

While we are abreast of all the latest technologies, we stay focused on those that are the best—as in, the ones that most further the communications objectives that you have set. That is Good Design.

We build Drupal websites. Why Drupal? How we host your website.
Drupal is used by 71 of the top
100 Universities including:
Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McGill University
Middlebury College
Princeton University
Stanford University
Tufts University
University of California, Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University and others
Drupal powers over one million websites:
Washington Post
The White House
The Economist
National Geographic
Angie’s List
NBC Sports
Drupal powers 26.1% of all .EDU sites, which is double that of the nearest competitor (13%Wordpress, 12.6%
Ektron, 8.6% Joomla, 8.4% SharePoint, 5.8% OpenText).
Drupal is used in different languages all over the world. University of Oxford, Ecole Poly Technique De Paris,
University of Helsinki, Kyoto University, and Chinese University of Hong Kong all use Drupal.

Good Design has been working with Drupal since 2007. We contribute patches and test module patches within
the Drupal community. We regularly attend Drupal developer conferences and webinars.

How we host your website:
• We've built an optimized software stack set up on our server to run Drupal.
• We conduct automatic off site database and code backups multiple times a day with version tracking which helps decreases time for future feature development or rolling back to previous version of your website.
• We optimize images through command line tools automatically after uploading. This reduces the size of the image without degrading which helps the website load faster.
• We offer varying levels of storage, RAM, CPU packages for different size websites. You only pay for what you need.
• We have an advanced firewall with intrusion detection & automatic blacklisting of known infected machines to help prevent attacks from reaching your website.
• We feature varnish caching to decrease load time for anonymous users.
• We always work on a development copy of your website to test major updates before they are rolled out to your live website.
• Frequent site audits of website and server software stack to keep your website running at full potential.
• Analytic reports.
• Optional cached website copy and DNS forwarding support


- analytics
- animated ads
- animated invitations and greeting cards
- app development (interactive catalogs and view books)
- augmented reality
- banner ads
- blogs
- open source Drupal content managed websites with admin controls, scheduled content auto-post, advanced calendars and more
- e-commerce
- email marketing campaigns
- e-newsletters
- online donations, pledges, recurring payments, and automatic reminders
- online event registration and payment
- online image management tools
- open source CRM programming
- responsive UI driven websites
- social media graphics
- social networking presence and maintenance
- specialized landing pages
- streaming video