The Marvelwood School Advertising

This advertising series focused on the individual student's goals and how Marvelwood was the right choice. Print and digital ads ran in a variety of outlets and often featured Open House dates.

Marvelwood has been at the forefront of a national trend of independent schools to have a learning center as a source of extra support for students. Because the school was so far out in front, however, the idea that students would take advantage of tutoring was being misunderstood and creating a stigma in the marketplace. As a result, Marvelwood was getting too many calls from students who weren’t a good fit for the school and not enough calls from those who were.

Good Design implemented a depositioning strategy to help Marvelwood change the image of its learning center to better reflected the school’s mission. Enrollment of academically oriented students increased as desired. The Director of Admissions reported that the connection between the ad campaign and admissions was so direct that when placements were once put on hold, inquiries also promptly stopped and did not resume until the placements were reactivated.

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