The Bertram Group Website

This highly respected network of educational consultants needed a website that showcased their full capabilities. Good Design created a new site—complete with a distinctive logo—that highlighted both the expertise of Bertram advisors and the comprehensive range of services for planning every phase of the educational journey.

This responsive Drupal website was designed with “Mobile First” as the priority. By resizing images for mobile devices, pages on this website load faster, increasing user time spent on content and saving mobile users money on their data plans. The mobile friendly content is also easy to navigate with thumb-friendly menus.

Making the most of these design parameters proved a success: within five hours of the new website being formally announced, the site had received a click-through rate of 41%, double the 20% industry average for click-throughs on electronic communiqués. Good Design creates responsive websites that are ready to serve our clients’ customers, whenever and wherever they are.