South Kent School

A logo developed for the South Kent School is best summed up in this rationale we crafted for the logo's rollout:

The shield, symbolizing our willingness to defend what we believe in: academic excellence, core values, and openness to the diversity of ideas.  

At the top are three stars. They illuminate the three core values on which the school is founded: Simplicity of Life, Self Reliance, and Directness of Purpose. They are the watchwords that distinguish past achievements, the work before us today, and the ambitious course we have set for tomorrow.

Directly under the stars is a chevron. It symbolizes the hillside on which our campus is built, and the chapel roof that shelters us as a community of believers. It also reminds us that we aspire to new heights and frontiers. The chevron points to a philosophical landmark: our unique competitive advantage as a Global Learning Environment.    

At the Seal’s Foundation is a laurel wreath, an ancient and enduring prize for all who value the pursuit of excellence in an atmosphere of respect, honor, and understanding.

It is gratifying to introduce a new identity in mid-July and have it appear all over campus e.g.: publications, signage, vehicles, apparel, video sceens, and even floor mats by September 1.

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