You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so we designed this admission packet for maximum customization. When a prospective student receives the brochure in the mail, his or her name is printed right on the cover! Inside is content specific to whether the student is interested in middle school, upper school or a post-grad year.

This feat is possible by combining variable data fields and on-demand printing. We designed an admission package that has one distinctive look and layout, with three sets of finalized photos and text blocks that can be applied. Placement of the imagery and text can easily be interchanged, depending on the audience. Their vendor prints and mails each package promptly as needed. Thus when families request information about the middle school program, they receive a personalized set of materials relating to their interest. This design solution even has the potential to shift emphasis on subject-specific interests in academics, arts or sports. The customized brochures complement a search piece designed for all admission audiences, with the added caché of a wristband that is a giveaway for students.

Printing the in-depth brochures on-demand is cost-effective and environmentally sound because it reduces storage needs and the risk of waste sometimes related to large print runs. It also gives Worcester Academy flexibility to update content as needed.

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