Advertising & Media Planning

People want what our clients have to offer. Our job is to design ads and placement strategies that grab people’s attention amidst the shuffle of busy modern lives. We work with clients to hone their position in the marketplace. Then we come up with the outside-the-box idea that will get clients noticed for the right reasons.

Good Design is experienced in the creation and placement of the full range of print, radio, video, and online media. We advise our clients on tracking the impact of media buys, analyzing the audience reach of various media, and leveraging the value of their media buying funds for maximum results. Successful media planning goes hand-in-hand with thoughtful strategy. That's why our campaigns have helped launch new organizations, strengthen established ones, and spark a turnaround for those whose client base suffered during tough economic times.

Our ads highlight the best of what makes our clients unforgettable. Our media plans amplify outreach, while conserving resources. That is Good Design.

- ad creative and campaigns
- media buys
- media planning
- online media
- placement
- radio
- video