Mobile device apps are quickly becoming a preferred path for accessing content. Users appreciate the instantaneous and immersive qualities of these interfaces, which deliver an unparalleled interactive experience.

Flurry Analytics, one of the leading sources of data on app usage, reports that the number of consumer app downloads has grown on average to 20 apps per person. At 2 hours and 39 minutes per day, mobile is second only to TV in terms of time spent. Consumers spend 86% of their mobile time in apps.

In addition to increases in downloads, statistics show that apps facilitate longer interactions. Tablet users, for example, spend an average of 24 minutes in an app session, while smart-phone users spend an average of 13 minutes. These sessions are up to 4 times longer than those on mobile websites.

Mobile websites are still needed for casual browsers. Apps, however, have become a powerful tool to bring audiences who have interest in an organization even closer.

Tim Good is the co-founder of Good Design, based in Connecticut. For nearly three decades the firm has specialized in developing effective marketing strategies and multi-media materials corporations and independent schools need to succeed.


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