In February 2014, well before the P&G or the Superbowl XLIX ads, Good Design’s ad campaign for CSH Greenwich redefined what it means to be “Like a girl”!

At Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Greenwich, CT, young women are achieving at the highest levels in academics, athletics and arts. Graduates continue on to impressive colleges and eventually to innovative and entrepreneurial careers in many fields, including technology and science.

This year-long ad campaign combines images of CSH students at their best with a slogan that upends gender stereotypes. The headline “PLAY like a GIRL” accompanies images of athletes giving their all on the field. The headline “DRIVE like a GIRL” accompanies images of students creating robotics.

The ads, which began as a communications outreach initiative, have also become a touchstone around campus. Some students have even written personal essays about what the campaign means to them.


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