The Taft School App Interactive Digital Publication

In recent years, parents have increasingly brought young teens into the decision-making process about their independent school educations. The interactive imagery and rich media of this app, available from the iTunes store for both iPads and iPhones, speaks directly to eighth graders—from the videos of current Taft students, to the instinctive navigation, even to the lively soundtrack. Whereas the school’s website must communicate globally to many audiences, this app is designed specifically to answer the questions of people who are just getting to know the Taft community. Applicants hear directly from current Taft students; witness classrooms, arts programs, and sports in action; and explore the campus through an interactive map and high speed video tour that zooms from an aerial viewpoint to the front door and inside campus buildings.

This project also addresses the recent trend—documented by Nielsen, Flurry Analytics, and others—for consumers to look more to apps, rather than standard mobile websites, to spend significant virtual time with an organization. More than just a digital publication, this app is a virtual visit for prospective students.