The Bertram Directions e-Newsletter

Educational consultants at The Bertram Group know the world of education inside and out. They have in-depth knowledge of opportunities nationwide, ranging from junior boarding and secondary schools, to therapeutic placements, to colleges and graduate programs, and career counseling. Yet their original online newsletter emphasized links to other online resources, leading viewers away from TBG’s expertise and services.

Our re-conception of this vehicle included a new graphic look and generating fresh, original content that showcases the professionalism and passion of TBG consultants. Readers glean important insights into school selection, a big-picture perspective on the role of education in the lives of students and families, and a strong sense that TBG consultants are premier in their field.

The newsletter goes out regularly to families nationwide and around the world, as well as to professionals in school and college admissions offices. The open rate for this digital newsletter is well above the national average, which is particularly valuable as TBG has expanded its affiliates and services.

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